Three generations in a paradox of flux

A paradox of fluxes is upon us where theory, dogma and inspiration in business thinking will remain in flux.

Three generations of leaders call on vastly different life experiences to deal with whole market sectors being diced, disrupted and reformed at a pace that takes little account of generational thinking.

It’s a real-life, real-time global commerce laboratory to.get you thinking about  the why of adapting thinking to new know-how.

A generation of  mostly young e-commerce entrepreneurs develop on-line markets and a generation of leaders defend traditional markets. The generation in between are the flux unlearning, relearning or developing integrated strategy for all marketing channels – the third and predominant way of the future.

The clash of wills of three generations in a business dynasty instead of the traditional two. The Baby Boomer founder clashes with the Gen-Y* post-tantrum usurper from his second marriage. His first marriage Gen-X* son left to mop up the mess of the generations either side of his. The combatants are partly right in their assumptions but for a opposing reasons from contrasting centuries.

Neither of them has been to war but mobile digital connection is changing consumer behavior beyond the bounds of any armed conflict.The slicing and dicing of markets and shattering of demographics as we knew them is disorienting for older marketers, entrepreneurs and politicians.

The brat made a killing tapping new-tech fluxes for gamers the Maestro hasn’t tried to fully comprehend. Because they hate each other they probably incapable of learning from each other to get up to speed.

The BB maestro knows how he became top dog – by cobbling together a multinational money trench under a brand he developed with U.S. patronage in the name of Cold War capitalist expansion. He was also a fearless young usurper, he trusted his instincts his only fear was the color pink – it stood for gay, or a socialist on the path to a communist red star.

The Brat is making a killing tapping a new technology flux the maestro doesn’t fully comprehend, but nor do their biggest potential competitors. So the Brat is intuitive but clearly needs testing in competitive sectors. The maestro needs to think about his own mentoring needs urgently to be relevant in the business front-line of the near future.

Young reimagineer

A coming clashes of business will between enterprise generations.

The Gen-Y usurper is a walking, talking multi-media exposure machine. He has magnetism to his own wunderkind who dominate this market. He knows little about Chinese walls or trade barriers and trenches are only useful for fibre optic cables. His audience are his customers, they came and the competition didn’t. He’ll go country-to-country, thanks .There are no boundaries – the world is flat in his mind.

The minds of most children of the Cold War generation were conditioned to conform to the vertical and critical thinking clearly ascendant in those times. Minds long-conditioned to conform within big business strategy structured within the bounds of long-established conventions of wisdom. These are tough mindsets to overcome without living proof or abject failure from ignorance that change has passed you by.

Let’s take a lawyer’s vertical thinking processes versus a creative mind’s more lateral ones. Imagine the courtroom when the QC is putting the Crown’s case against Oscar Wilde’s homosexuality in the last years of the 1800s when its put  toWilde some of his thinking is a bit fanciful:

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

Would the lawyer understand what he was on about? A Reimagineer would. For it’s possibly one of the best definitions of one.

Applying our mind’s peripheral vision while looking to the horizon or into the future. Halo thinking in an all-encompassing way when projecting vision, working on strategy or dealing with change.

How people respond when presented a new vision starts with our ability to be open it dealing with current mindsets. It’s about our attitude to taking risks – fortitude more than process. It’s applicable to ideas, concepts and business models. It’s not the thinking; it’s how we’re thinking. It’s a favourite catchphrase of a Reimagineer.

No matter what pains you today, you live amongst three of the luckiest generations in the 1.5 million year history of Homos Erectus. So forget about lottery tickets – you won yours at birth.

There’s many types of thinking out there if you want to think about them. Be they for practicing mental agility or for live use. I leave you with three – heuristics, Cartesian doubt and linguistics to check out for some mind limbering and a new and soon-to-be-essential training regime.

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