25 pillars of truth to freedom of mind

When passion smoulders be glad self-belief has fire in its belly.
Take time to recognize how each contributes to your flow
Awe power in unison, lightening rods magnetized inside to out.
Triumphs of curiosity over self-doubt probed before conviction.
Odds staked on the nose, won by gristle of finest margins.

Evolution is patience, magic cultured dancing to our DNA
Passion thrives on gut shots until instinct foresees its intuition
Self belief, curiosity, passion, intuition are the origins of character
Love or faith in a person, God, religion, or movement is a choice
How thinking-hearts enable crusader’s crucifix to lotus position. Read more

Live-wired thinking hearts empower democratic economics

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It took six years to connect the thinking hearts and minds of the first 1.5 billion consumers by smart phone. Globally this will pass 3 billion in 2016 and 4 billion before 2020 .

These irresistible forces ignite disruptive momentum, innovation and re-education as every enterprise adapts to tools which transcend nationalism and language barriers across continents. Read more

3-D printers will reinvent craft

There’s much conjecture about which strands of the 3-D finished goods market will develop fastest in the next two years.

Reimagineer believes the high-value market will blossom this year with 3-D printing industry popping up in hundreds of traditional craft areas which suffered when business was lost to Chinese mass manufacturers.

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Copyright oddities in space

But when the man fell to Earth in a neat and safe descent soon after his five-month stay in orbit, did he face the music from copyright police?

His five-minute video had the potential to create a tangled web of intellectual-property issues. How does copyright work in space be it in close earth orbit or as a man on Mars?

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First Internet generation in 25 words

Selfie and social media never made it, nor did any technology or gadgets except the smart phone gains an honorable mention because of it’s significance to the future in Reimagineer’s 25-line ode to the World Wide Web.

Our ode in essence salute the hero organs of all human progression – the brain and the heart. The smart phone’s mention is on behalf of technology. It’s the gadget seemingly set to have the greatest effect on human behavior yet.

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Is peak creativity sustainable?

I got an email from Andrew Chiodo the owner of my all-time favorite fashion store advising me he’d had enough and was closing after 25 years.

The notice of impending demise from Chiodo in Melbourne, Australia, reminded me of their creative peak in men’s fashion and retail merchandising of about 15 years through the ’90s and up until about 2005.

They were my threads of a lifetime, at an age when the style I reflected mattered most to me. In recent years their style and marketing lost relevance and urgency– a reminder creativity and fashion are fickle, furtive and personal in all art forms.

The evidence is compelling in music, art and writing that creativity on the top shelf has a shelf life – both in human ability to maintain a creative peak and how their work survives critics’ views over the progression over time.

Much depends on the background psychology of the artist and how they rose above the plethora of poor strugglers of their era they are compared to. Fame and fortune due to public demand or critically acclaimed by their peers as artistic inspirations without the same popular success

In music think of the rise of the Beatles, Bowie and Pink Floyd, who rose above contemporaries in arguably rock music’s most creative era. The hardest working or business savvy were more durable such as James Browne, Prince and U2. Some icons because they did not endure, think Hendrix, Jim Morrison (Doors), Kurt Cobain.

I loved early U2’s early albums but the sight of Ambassador Bono on the political circuit creates urges to gag – an artist clearly past his musically creative prime but not lacking in self-importance in an untrained field. Read more