25 pillars of truth to freedom of mind

An ode to character of a Reimagineer. A line and 25 bold words to human character and progression for each year to the first generation birthday of the World Wide Web in January 2016, by Jon Mells.

When passion smoulders be glad self-belief has fire in its belly.
Take time to recognize how each contributes to your flow
Awe power in unison, lightening rods magnetized inside to out.
Triumphs of curiosity over self-doubt probed before conviction.
Odds staked on the nose, won by gristle of finest margins.

Evolution is patience, magic cultured dancing to our DNA
Passion thrives on gut shots until instinct foresees its intuition
Self belief, curiosity, passion, intuition are the origins of character
Love or faith in a person, God, religion, or movement is a choice
How thinking-hearts enable crusader’s crucifix to lotus position.

Freedom is a feeling, a high-wire quantum of life’s possibility
Where humanists at digital crossroads, embrace fear with fortitude
Why ideas resonate, or an epiphany echoes eureka to ethos.
How innovators connect beyond tribe, or cult, by human experiment,
When voyagers discover web searchers not always looking to be found.

Pioneers leap and mend fences as leaders to transcendence
 Expressions of authentic self, mirrored in ideals of belonging
Congruence aligned when a story in telling is felt deeply at heart
As compass needles thread vision filaments in maps to future reality
25 pillars of truth, and mindfulness to help us serve each other daily:

Does freedom have boundaries, or are they figments of our limitations?
The most secure prisons our minds create and we enslave its thinking.
Smart phones are humanity’s first tool of equality in global opportunity.
Cross hearts, point to a pentagon: Must lost privacy be the price of freedom?
If we strike fear in mind alone, transparency on privacy is the bottom line.

~ © Copyright Reimagineer 2014. All Rights Reserved. ~

Here’s our glossary of 25 words to mark humanity’s angle on the first Internet Generation.

Celebrating 25 years www 1991-2016 We’d back these to still be in the forefront through to 2041 too. There are many similar words that qualify for this list but within the realms of our Ode to a Reimagineer. It is a list in honor of the human spirit – in order of appearance:

Passion: The fuel of achievement and doing; an intense desire or enthusiasm.

Self-belief: Trust in your own ability; inner personal strength.

Awe: A feeling of reverence, respect, fear, and wonderment, often felt in unison.

Intuition: Instinctive understanding without conscious need for reasoning.

Patience: An in-built ability to accept, or tolerate delay, or wait for a better time.

Curiosity: A strong desire to know, learn or question why, then seek the answers.

Vision: Foresight or perception to imagine and create a path to future reality.

Mindfulness: Is in-the-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, neural sensation, characterized by acceptance without judging in the first instance; living in, and for the moment.

Love: To love, and be loved, is an essence of being human.

Faith and Equality: Faith is personal choice in beliefs and equality enables all to make those choices without fear nor favor.

Thinking-heart: A wave of recent scientific evidence concurs the heart is a sensory organ that learns, retains memory, feelings and makes independent functional decisions, and grows neural connections as the brain does. The connection between our two most vital organs is our essence.

Pioneers: Like explorers and adventurers through the ages they seek discovery. This can follow by design or serendipity, but both celebrate the human spirit, and help explain why humans have risen exponentially above other mammals.

Innovators: Seek and create new ways of progression and will be the stars in a digital economy and darlings or dark stars of social media depending on the ideals they propagate.

Transcendence: Isnot the movie. An aspiration for experiences beyond the normal or physical level but always with the aim of being the best person you can, and a leader and mentor to other leaders. It’s about inspiring many to the top of the Empire State not about becoming King Kong.

Ideas: Are about creativity which could/should be on this list except we believe idea – the result of creativity – represents it. Propagation of ideas is as unlimited as the human imagination, and another angle of creativity.

Ethos: The characteristic or spirit of a culture, community, or movement as manifested by its beliefs and aspirations. It can also mean a personal or collective mantra, or way of thinking and living.

Freedom: In the 20th Century they more represented being free of physical restrictions. In the 21st century it is about psychology and the social sciences. How by freeing our minds we achieve more and become content from result.

Possibility: Is the opportunity that freedom presents, only limited by our scope of imagination.

Humanist: Being a humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead,” as described Kurt Vonnegut.

Congruence and authentic self: Developing an innate awareness of your authentic self, being comfortable with it and living life in congruence with this in all ways, on all levels. Marching to your own beat not swayed by the opinions of others.

Leadership: Is a well worn term but a boss says ‘GO’ and a leader says ‘LET’S GO’. It’s as much leading by example and the authenticity of personal leadership.

Fortitude: See Defining Fortitude – resilience, backbone, perseverance are all part of fortitude. Mostly about try and your ability to endure hardship and survive as it was back in caveman days.

Transparency: The internet has created an new kind of openness and honesty with a new set of challenges being the result.

Contenders for 2041?

Remagineer: Our aspiration this new word and trademark of a leader of leaders, an entrepreneur and creator of hubs and collectives of industry and thinking in a digital world may move into common lexicon as the best description of the best description of a leader in the digital age and a word we coined some five years ago, adding the ‘re’ to imagineer, a word linked to Disney animators many years prior.



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