Innovation means zzub to bees born in a bonnet

First Internet generation in 25 words

Here’s the Reimagineer glossary of words to the first Internet Generation to be marked in January, 2016.

Selfie and social media never made it, nor did any technology or gadgets except the smart phone gains an honorable mention because of it’s significance to the future in Reimagineer’s 25-line ode to the World Wide Web.

Our ode in essence salute the hero organs of all human progression – the brain and the heart. The smart phone’s mention is on behalf of technology. It’s the gadget seemingly set to have the greatest effect on human behavior yet.

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Three generations in a paradox of flux

A paradox of fluxes is upon us where theory, dogma and inspiration in business thinking will remain in flux.

Young Rreimagineer small

Three generations of leaders call on vastly different life experiences to deal with whole market sectors being diced, disrupted and reformed at a pace that takes little account of generational thinking.

It’s a real-life, real-time global commerce laboratory to.get you thinking about  the why of adapting thinking to new know-how.

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Strategic foresight is leadership

Foresight and reinvention strategy are the essential tools of future enterprise leaders.


Having foresight conjures up visions of an ability to create future reality and that’s not an unfair conclusion.

The speed of change when disruptive innovation surrounds you means venture leadership will become tests of strategic foresight  and proactive reinvention ahead of market forces. To preserve a venture from real risks of being doomed to market irrelevance.

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Smartphone of bondage or freedom?

Who’s the dominatrix of your family of tech gadgets - you, your smartphone, partner, or kids.

Phone wins over conversation

Once smart phones attain artificial intelligence can we expect ours to invite us to their annual awards night?

To adore us as our century’s Henry Ford having given Mistress Smart Phone, joys of mobility Henry Ford’s Model T couldn’t match?

Steve Jobs’ avatar will likely get the Mistress’s nod and deny us 15-seconds of You-Tube immortality.

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Defining fortitude

Fortitude is the attribute that gets every new venture going.

Fortitude Jennifer Mazzucco

Fortitude is the backbone of achievement and at the heart of disappointment. For as long as it takes to build momentum or rebuild hope after a false start or harsh lessons. It’s about testing yourself for real.

Fear and its subconscious partner procrastination are our natural inhibitors. Fear of the unknown, fear of the truth, and fear of failure.

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