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Reimagineer, is a private enterprise think tank and developer of business models and intellectual property strategy for future- focused ventures.

We work with enterprise leaders to enhance strategic foresight and focus brand cultures to proactively adapt in markets in perpetual in flux. That intellectual capital growth and regeneration depends on its thinking heart.


What we do

Reimagineer has proven expertise in concept development, business start-ups, and execution:

Strategic Foresight
Scenario Forecasting
Predictive Analytics

Business Model Developers
We Research, Visualize, Conceptualize,
Design, Validate & Commercialize

Intellectual Property Strategy
Intellectual & Human Capital
E-commerce Platforms
Enterprise Collectives & Hubs


Insight + Creativity = Innovation

Reimagineer is a hive for why and how astute, and creative minds lead enterprise innovation, energize collectives, or magnetize industry hubs.

The momentum to organically grow from local to international using enhanced strategic foresight as the most realistic means to counteract the pace of change.


Future Thinking

Future leaders will be defined by their vision to connect and proactively mobilize thinking hearts with common ideals and ethos. Across cities, nations, and borders.

Leaders enabled to make a difference measured and motivated by growth and regeneration of human and intellectual capital more than by short-term profits.


Our Trademark

Reimagineer is our name for a leader of the near future, and our Trademark for the process, preparation and rethinking essential to be one. Where dreamers and pioneers redefine emerging markets with foresight and adaptive thinking.

Those who finds ways to connect with thinking hearts; mobilize creative minds to common causes, tribes, products or services, and proactively keep prospects and disciples engaged.

Propogators of enterprise collectives, or the vortex for an industry hubs in niches yet to be named. These will power knowledge and creative economies in the future, competing with aplomb against a few monster multinational corporations.


Our Story so far

Reimagineer is emerging from a three-year cognitive field trip into the near future we define as 2-5 years hence. To better understand enterprise model and human capital needs in emerging e-commerce, and disrupted markets.

We are in the process of refining and validating innovative models, including our own, and will begin seeking partners in Australia, and beyond during 2015. To commercialize concepts developed using strategic foresight, experience, field research, and validation.

Our think tank R and D will remain a separate support unit for further enterprise model validation, and initiatives. IP strategy and cognitive leadership enhancement is at the heart of our future enterprise thinking.



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