25 pillars of truth to freedom of mind

An ode to character of a Reimagineer. A line and 25 bold words to human character and progression for each year to the first generation birthday of the World Wide Web in January 2016, by Jon Mells.

When passion smoulders be glad self-belief has fire in its belly.
Take time to recognize how each contributes to your flow
Awe power in unison, lightening rods magnetized inside to out.
Triumphs of curiosity over self-doubt probed before conviction.
Odds staked on the nose, won by gristle of finest margins.

Evolution is patience, magic cultured dancing to our DNA
Passion thrives on gut shots until instinct foresees its intuition
Self belief, curiosity, passion, intuition are the origins of character
Love or faith in a person, God, religion, or movement is a choice
How thinking-hearts enable crusader’s crucifix to lotus position. Read more

Live-wired thinking hearts empower democratic economics

The most transformative decade in human history is on us as consumer rises and corporates search to redefine their ethos.

Walk with the dreamers quote

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It took six years to connect the thinking hearts and minds of the first 1.5 billion consumers by smart phone. Globally this will pass 3 billion in 2016 and 4 billion before 2020 .

These irresistible forces ignite disruptive momentum, innovation and re-education as every enterprise adapts to tools which transcend nationalism and language barriers across continents. Read more

3-D printers will reinvent craft

Artesian 3D additive factories are set to reimagineer manufacturing as19th century craft-in action but connected digitally customers globally.

3D printer technician ahead of the action

There’s much conjecture about which strands of the 3-D finished goods market will develop fastest in the next two years.

Reimagineer believes the high-value market will blossom this year with 3-D printing industry popping up in hundreds of traditional craft areas which suffered when business was lost to Chinese mass manufacturers.

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Copyright oddities in space

Chris Hadfield captured the heart of 'Space Oddity' and 22 million YouTube hits. Reimagineer looks at questions about I.P. in space.

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But when the man fell to Earth in a neat and safe descent soon after his five-month stay in orbit, did he face the music from copyright police?

His five-minute video had the potential to create a tangled web of intellectual-property issues. How does copyright work in space be it in close earth orbit or as a man on Mars?

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